Silva Rai

Unemployed Bount

Family Name Rai
Given Name Silva
Aliases None
Race Bount
Gender Female
Age 183 (Looks to be 21)


Silva stands at 5'8". She has long red hair tied back into a ponytail, and bright green eyes. She wears a white T-shirt, black cargo pants, black leather belt, and black hiking boots. She also usually has a dagger hanging from her belt. The dagger has a symbol carved into the blade, which looks similar to a "Y".


Silva can very a temperamental person. At times, she's easy to get along with. And, at other times, she'll stab you if you look at her the wrong way. Most of the time, however, she has an independent attitude. She hates having to ask for help, and rarely does so. Even if she needs it.

When she is angry, she gets violent. Depending on the situation, this can be just punching somebody, or it can be releasing her doll on the person.

She enjoys challenges. And fighting. Sometimes, she'll try to find a reason to fight somebody.

Natural Abilities

Silva doesn't have much in the way of natural talent. She can hold her own in a fist fight, and she can use her dagger fairly well. But, that's about it.

Doll: Medric

Sealed state

While sealed, it is her dagger.

Release: "Slash and burn, Medric!"

When released, the blade of the dagger bursts into flames. A stream of fire starts to spout from the tip. It leaps out in front of her, becoming a tower of flames about four feet in diameter, and ten feet tall. Then the flames disappear, and her doll stands there.

Medric is humanoid in shape, standing almost seven feet tall. He is cloaked in a black duster, the bottom of which looks singed. The duster is usually closed up, so his body is covered. His feet can be seen underneath, and they look like talons made of burnt steel. His hands look similar to his feet, but a lot more like human hands in shape and size. His head is wrapped in white gauze, with just his glowing red eyes showing.

When he does talk, which isn't often, his voice is deep and coarse.

When fighting, Medric produces two blades from his sleeves. They are actually embedded in his arms. They are similar to katanas, and are three feet long from his wrist. And, they are usually lit on fire. He uses a combination of the blades and his talons to fight, seemingly trying to rip his opponent to shreds. When he strikes something, he leaves burn marks behind.

Silva does assist Medric a little during fights, since she likes fighting. But, most of it is done by Medric.

Medric can shoot jets of flame from his sleeves. They have a range of twenty feet.

As a major attack, Medric tears open his duster, revealing a large, swirling ball of fire underneath. Multiple jets of flame quickly fire out in all directions, seeking any person within a fifty foot range. They hit with enough force to knock over a bus. Medric doesn't use this often, as it takes a lot out of him.

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