Sören Stein

Bount and High School English Teacher

Family Name Stein
Given Name Sören
Aliases None
Race Bount
Gender Male
Age 297


Sören looks little more than 19 or 20 years old. He’s tall, about 6ft, and a little on the skinny side. His hair is kept relatively short and scruffy, and is a steely grey in colour, as are his eyes. He typically wears a white shirt and a pair of dark denim jeans with a matching jacket.


Sören is somewhat manic in his demeanour, oscillating between extremes of emotion, or lack thereof, with uncomfortable ease. He speaks his mind, and rarely pulls punches in conversation.

Doll: Männlicheinlädt

Zeige Dich, Männlicheinlädt
Whilst sealed, Männlicheinlädt takes the shape of a semi-automatic pistol.

When released, Männlicheinlädt takes a tall humanoid shape, around 10ft in height, though the pistol remains. It carries a strange spear with a head almost like a combat knife, as well as wearing a mask that is almost Hollow-like. The Doll is highly skilled with its spear, and has control over wind, which it primarily uses for powerful ranged assaults, deflecting projectiles and accelerating both itself and its master. Männlicheinlädt is exceptionally fast, though it has nothing equivalent to shunpo or sonido.

In combat, Männlicheinlädt does most of the fighting, but Sören is not afraid to dart in and help his Doll with his fists or his feet.


Männlicheinlädt has the following powers:
Garu: A simple blast of wind, enough to cause injury, but hardly life-threatening. Magaru is the same effect over a wide area.

Garula: A more potent wind attack, capable of causing lacerations through sheer force that are roughly equivalent to sword blows. Magarula creates this effect over a wide area.

Garudyne: Extreme winds capable of flaying weaker entities alive.

Masukukaja: Subtle air currents speed Männlicheinlädt and Sören's movements whilst hampering their foes'.

Bonding: Männlicheinlädt Gottheit

Not yet achieved


The following abilities become available or are enhanced in Sören's Bonding:
Magarudyne: This functions as per Garudyne, except over a large area.

Masukukaja: The effects of this ability are amplified in the bonding.

Viele Wahrheiten - Myriad Truths: This technique creates silvery numerals and text in the air out of reishi at each of the hour positions on a clock face. In order, they are 0: The Fool, XI: Strength, VII: The Chariot, XIX: The Moon, X: Fortune, IV: The Emperor, XII: The Hanged Man, XVII: The Star, XIV: Temperance, II: Priestess and XVI: The Tower. At the centre are XXI: The World. These writings gather ambient reishi and channel it into the circular blade of Männlicheinlädt Gottheit's weapon, from which it is released in a pulse equivalent to a higher-end cero.

Sieg Schrei - Victory Cry: Männlicheinlädt Gottheit lets out a battle cry and immediately absorbs all ambient reishi within the immediate vicinity, allowing for a single exceptionally quick regeneration. However, the lack of ambient reishi plays havoc with other abilities - most commonly is air walking, but the lack of reishi in the air also prohibits Männlicheinlädt Gottheit from using its own wind manipulation abilities in the area until the reishi is replenished.

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