Fushichou High School student

Family Name Unknown
Given Name Takara
Aliases None
Race Human
Gender Female
Age 16


Takara is a typical highschool student. She is the same height as Eri and has black hair cut just above shoulder length.


Takara is quite nearly the polar opposite of Eri. She is excitable and energetic. Outgoing and somewhat compulsive in everything she does. She is the kind of person who gets a random idea in her head and doggedly follows through with it until its done. She tends to drag Eri along with her on these sudden expeditions, regardless of whether the girl wants to go or not.


Takara is an only child and has been able to see ghost and other spiritual beings since she was very young. She would often spend more time playing with ghost than with the other children, though it was always assumed she was playing make-believe. Because of this she became a bit of an outcast at school, seen as the weird girl who talks to herself.

As she grew older, Takara spent most of her time playing alone at home or exploring the neighborhood. She especially enjoyed playing in her family's attic. One day she dug out an old box and found a collection of her great-grandmother's old clothing, including an old scarf. Takara fell in love with the old piece of cloth and wore it everywhere, playing with it and taking it with her even during the weather was warm.

Of course, much to her joy, the scarf transformed into a girl her own age one day while she was playing. Being used to ghost and other strange spiritual creatures, Takara immediately befriended Eri and the rest is history.


Takara is very spiritually aware, able to see all sorts of spiritual beings aside from ghosts and hollows and shinigami. Though she is physically powerful, she is well trained in martial arts. In addition, she has developed a super human level of speed and agility. She also has the ability to transform and "wield" Eri, wearing her around her neck in combat and using her as a pair of clawed, fluid limbs to strike with. Her relationship with Eri is such that in combat they flow seamlessly between her influencing Eri's motions and Eri being in control of her own attacks, the two working in a sublime unity.

In combat, Takara tends to rely on her speed to leap in and out of her target's range, dodging attacks and allowing Eri to strike when the opportunity presents itself.

Of course, Takara's ability to change and wear Eri tends to translate far more often into her using the girl as a warm accessory, whether or not Eri felt like being worn at the moment.

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