Talon Gunvhald

Privaron Espada 104

Family Name Gunvhald
Given Name Talon
Aliases Vengeful Wyrm, Superbitch
Race Arrancar
Gender Female
Age 223


Talon looks like a teenage girl in most facets of her appearance. Her skin is almost preternaturally tan most of the time, and her body is slim. Her assets are average. Her hair, a silvery-gossamer color, is worn long and slightly messy, covering the right half of her face. Her eyes are yellow and slightly reptilian in nature with slitted pupils.
Talon's choice of dress usually tends to flaunt her body, despite the fact that she's fairly average.
Talon's mask fragment is part of a draconic-looking maw on the right side of her face. Her Hollow hole is usually covered, but is located just below her neck, in the middle of her collar bone.


Talon is, at best, a complete bitch. And at worst a heartless, malicious monster. She only thinks of herself, and occasionally passes her time with sadistic torture of those below her. She holds herself as superior to everyone, despite her fall from being an Espada. While she will rarely, if ever, do anything that she can be held accountable for, sometimes her sense for revenge can override her judgment. As her aspect suggests, she is first and foremost a being of retribution, so wronging her will usually incite some sort of plot for revenge.

Zanpakuto: Dragão da Ventania (Gale Dragon)

Sealed state

Dragão da Ventania takes the form of a long tachi with a decorative dragon hilt. The sheathe she uses is black, with purple trim.

Resurreccion: "Cut the Sky, Dragão da Ventania."

When released, Dragão da Ventania dissolves, and Talon grows horns, a pair of wings, and a tail, all with a scaly, purple texture. The hierro on these new appendages are considerably tougher than her skin, adding some defensive options in being able to block most opponent's attacks. Naturally, given the wings, Talon is able to fly, gaining altitude even in the presence of sekiseki.
Blood Wind: Talon can control "wind" with her hands, sending gales of forceful energy that cut as effectively as a blade at range. Occasionally, one may notice that the attacks look like transparent disembodied claws.
Forceful Breath: Talon can also expel a wave of forceful "wind" that lethally bludgeons and pushes back anything caught in the area.

Resurreccion Segunda Etapa: Not Yet Obtained.

Necromancia : Path of Retribution

Embodying fiendish vengeance, Talon's necromancia focuses mostly on retribution for attacks that harm her.

Fundamental: Sanguine Spectre
Less an aura and more an augmentation of her hierro, Talon's fundamental increases her strength and hierro as she is wounded. As this happens, she is covered with shimmering, translucent scales.


Claws of the Nosferatu: Talon's hands are coated with blood-red claws that store blood from foes she strikes, healing her own wounds when attacking with them. This healing is slow, however; it takes many strikes to completely regenerate a significant wound.
Ghoul's Bloodlust: Talon creates a small vortex (reaching around 5-6 feet) that emanates from her hand, absorbing the health of those she catches in it.
Mind's Vengeance: While under a mind-affecting ability (which includes illusions, subtle mind-control, etc), Talon may subconsciously direct the effect at her foe as well. It doesn't remove her effect, but it makes the foe controlling the ability see or feel the exact same illusions, or feel demoralizing or fear effects, where appropriate. Obviously direct mind control cannot be countered, as they would just cancel each other out.
Sanguine Cross: Used in retribution to an attack, Talon counters with a bloody cross-slash of reiatsu that deals the same amount of damage that an enemy dealt to her; not immediately, however. They bleed continually until they have suffered the same wound.
Wheel of Carnage: Used in retribution to an attack, Talon uses her blood to create a spinning saw that damages anything in front of her. Given it is fueled by blood, the greater she is wounded by an attack, the greater the area and attack power.


Deranged Vengeance: For a short period of time, Talon is covered in blood-red scales that increase her durability and strength. However, the transformation loosens her reasoning ability and makes her less able to manipulate her reiatsu, greatly debilitating her cero and other necromancia spells while also setting her into a berserk rage. Her strength increases by double, making her comparable to many brute-strength foes.
Furious Smite: In retribution to an attack, Talon bursts outward with a cylindrical blast of energy. The attack power and surface area increases with damage to herself.
Mirrored Hatred: Immediately before being struck by a cero, hado, or destructive necromancia effect, Talon may counter with a burst of reiatsu that reflects it back at her foe. This leaves her fairly exhausted for a short period afterward.
Sanguinous Twister: Essentially an upgraded version of Ghoul's Bloodlust, Talon creates a wide vortex (stretching 20 feet) that pulls in and saps the health of those caught in the area.


Not yet available.

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