Tsukada Ryouichi

Commander General of the Gotei 13, Current Captain of the 1st Division

Family Name Tsukada
Given Name Ryouichi
Aliases Commander General, The Shield General
Race Shinigami
Gender Male
Age 520


Ryouichi is fairly young for his position, not looking to be past his 40s (maybe even later 30s). He wears his black hair long and messy, and usually has to go to lengths to make sure it doesn't cover his green eyes. His facial features are fairly sharp, while still managing to be friendly: he sports a fairly wide scar across the bottom-left of his chin running up his cheek, which might add to his image if he didn't usually have it covered with scruff. His Captain's Haori is loosely worn on his shoulders, with his "three" zanpaktou always at his side. His form is well-toned, which is easy to tell even with the haori obscuring the fact; and his skin-tone suggests someone who isn't afraid to get out of the office once in a while. All in all, one might call him marginally attractive.


Ryouichi seems to flip between three personas, depending on his situation.
As Commander General, he is quick to decision, strategic, cold and detached, and generally making himself as suited to the tough jobs he has before him. He makes as many decisions as possible to ensure his subordinates' safety first.
As a combatant, he's overly cautious, always taking defensive steps before offensive ones (luckily his zanpaktou caters to that); one would think, given the base of his abilities that he would be among the "honorable" type, but they would be sorely mistaken. While chivalry in protecting his allies is certainly something he strives for, he will take no disadvantages from taking the honorable road when it comes to defeating an opponent. If the choice is available, he will fight an opponent on fair terms, but rarely will a true enemy afford such niceties.
Off-duty… Ryouichi tends to be lazy, easy-going, and prone to partying. Some might call him a lech in his attitude towards women, but he has, to date, never forced himself upon any girl. Though there are gears ticking under the surface, it's hard to tell, since he tries to be enjoyable and "fun" as possible.
In his spare time, when he isn't partying, Ryouichi takes joy in reading stories of chivalry and knighthood; he also studies a fair degree of lore of Mortal Samurais of old.

Zanpakuto: Kishido (騎士道) (Knight's Code)

Sealed state

Kishido is unlike many zanpaktou, in that it takes a "split" form, both in sealed and release states. In its sealed form, Kishido takes the shape of three seperate katanas, each of different design; The first is battle-scarred, blood-stained, and of vicious design; "Restraint" (自制) is engraved on its blade in kanji. The second is made of blue-colored steel, with an elegant, ever-pure shine about it; "Courage" (勇気) is engraved upon its blade. The third is white as snow, with an otherworldly glow; "Compassion" (慈悲) is engraved upon its blade.


As the surface nature of Kishido is threefold, so is it's deeper aspects. The "spirit" of Kishido is effectively three spirits: A red-armored being with a large, black greatsword, the kanji for "Restraint" on the fore of its armor; a blue-armored being with no weapon, the kanji for "Courage" on the fore of its armor; and a white-armored being with a shield, the kanji for "Compassion" on the fore of its armor.


As explained, Kishido is unique: It has three seperate "release" forms, though they are all functionally part of the zanpaktou's release. For each blade, there is a seperate release command, and seperate abilities. As each ability of the "shikai" diverts damage in some way, the appropriate part of the release begins to glow (Red for Jisei, Blue for Yuuki, White for Jihi). The more it diverts, the greater a glow it gives.

"Strike against my enemies, and teach them the pain of war, Jisei!"

Jisei straightens out into a straight longsword made from red steel. When it strikes a foe, the kanji for "Restraint" appears upon the site of the wound; from then on, when they intentionally attack someone, they suffer the same injury to a lesser degree. Only when Jisei wounds another foe will they be released from this effect.

"Give me the strength to fight on, Yuuki!"

Yuuki dissipates, forming a set of form-fitting, aqua-colored Ō-Yoroi. The armor is particularly difficult to break through, thereby providing a fair bit of defense; yet, still providing full mobility as if it weren't even there. In addition, when struck by a physical, energy, or some other type of attack from an enemy, from that point in that instance of release on, when struck by another attack of the same type, Yuuki deflects a small portion of the damage upon the attacker. If another enemy strikes with some sort of damaging attack, the focus is shifted to them.

"Defend my allies, Jihi!"

Jihi dissipates, forming a large, flat, rectangular white shield with the kanji for "Compassion" emblazed on the front, fastened to Ryouichi's left arm. Functioning as a normal shield, Jihi can also create a temporary barrier of sorts when touched against another. When struck with an attack, Jihi can divert any degree of the damage from a person defended by the barrier to Ryouichi.

Bankai: "Stay thy hand, fight against strife, defend the weak, know no fear! Tenkishido!"

To enter Bankai, several conditions must be met:

  • All three "releases" must be active.
  • All three unique abilities must be active; Jisei and Yuuki need not share the same target.
  • A certain amount of damage must be diverted between all three abilities.

In Bankai, several changes take place. The armor fully encompasses Ryouichi, becoming a deceptively large set of Ō-Yoroi; Ryouichi is around 9 feet tall in the armor, with accurate proportions; Jisei and Jihi increase in turn, as well. Finally, a large set of feathered wings sprout from the back: upon closer inspection, they are also made of steel, and engraved with various kanji that encompass various facets of honor. The feathers periodically disappear as time goes on, and when they are all gone the Bankai immediately ends.

Ryouichi's strength, speed, and endurance are increased, and the toughness of the armor increases as well as granting the ability to fly. In addition, multiple targets may be affected by the effects of Jisei, Yuuki, and Jihi, and they are all perfectly integrated.

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