Valeria Abel

Living Vizard

Family Name Abel
Given Name Valeria
Aliases None
Race Human
Gender Female
Age 16


Valeria is an average-looking, but still moderately attractive young lady. With a thin frame, pale skin, and usually tired-looking eyes, she gives off the impression of physical illness. She usually has her moderate-length black hair tied into a pony-tail behind her head. Her wardrobe seems to be from the 70's, as she usually wears bright colors with plenty of jewelry and frequency of tie-dye, and she absolutely loves platform shoes.


Most of the time, Valeria is a reasonable degree of upbeat, taking a positive spin on most things. Especially dancing, which is her favorite hobby. She has a developed sense of morality, but she dislikes government, being the victim of an oppressive one herself. She's highly independent, as a result of her status as an orphan not much more than 10 years ago.


Valeria was an orphan for the first third of her life, wandering around post-Soviet Russia with little but a name and the occasional lucky charity from a helpful passerby. By and large, however, she learned to fend for herself.
Around 10 years ago, a man named Nero Abel adopted Valeria with his wife, Claudia; giving her a much-needed reprieve from the stresses of her life. However, this wasn't to say she was completely carefree. A couple years ago she was diagnosed with cerebral cancer, likely from exposure to something in her childhood. Doctors were able to keep it from spreading with various treatments; however, Valeria's memory was negatively affected, and as such she suffers from occasional dizzy spells and has little memory of her past.
As such, Valeria has little knowledge or memory of her status as a Living Vizard, or how she came to be one.


Mask: Valeria's mask doesn't cover the full extent of her face, simply going over her eyes and leaving her nose and mouth exposed. A few elongated, sharp teeth border the very bottom, and at the top it's curved, as if mocking horns.
It grants an almost below average boost to strength, hierro, and speed, though still obviously on the border of superhuman in comparison to other pluses/humans. Her cero and bala are just above average, and are her preferred weapons while her mask is donned.
The most remarkable ability granted by her mask is the ability to create kinetic hypnosis with continued movement, creating a compulsion to follow her movements. It's at its most effective when she dances with it on. The longer she goes, the more in tune the victim(s) are to her movements, and eventually even if she stops, they will continue following those movements until she leaves sight. However, any attack against their person will end the "hypnosis", and strong-willed opponents can resist its pull.

Battle Stats:
Physical Strength: 30 (With her Mask on, Valeria's strength is considerably higher than a normal human's; it's otherwise average compared to other spiritual beings.)
Offense: 20 (Valeria isn't particularly skilled in combat, what she does know is mostly a product of instinct.)
Defense: 20 (Valeria also isn't particularly defensive, her hierro provides a certain degree of protection, but not much.)
Mobility: 50 (Valeria's mobility is much more impressive than her other "physical abilities", having a fair degree of control over sonido.)
Intelligence: 60 (While not a genius in combat, Valeria is smart enough to come up with alternative strategies in most cases when she can't overpower an opponent.)
Cero/Reiatsu: 40 (Valeria's reiatsu isn't exactly impressive, and her cero are only bordering on average, but they are by and large her best offensive option.)

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