Viatrix Klossner

Owner of Furousha Shop

Family Name Klossner
Given Name Viatrix
Aliases None
Race Bount
Gender Female
Age 122


Viatrix, in many respects, looks like a typical teenage girl; thanks to her existence as a Bount, her physical aging has more or less ceased. Her hair is long and black, usually covering a fair part of her fair-skinned face. Her eyes border somewhere between brown and red at times.
While Vi isn't amazingly strong, her body is kept in perpetual good shape from the girl's activity. She's fairly thin, her assets somewhere on the scale of average.
On Vi's migration to Phoenix Town, she's taken to wearing the local high-school uniform, despite not going there herself.


Viatrix is a fairly complex machine when it comes to emotions. At times, she may come across as initially abrasive to people who aren't customers in her store. However, she always treats people she can milk for money or services with respect.
Of course, Vi also has a fairly severe temper, so crossing her usually carries the risk of gaining her ire, which is a terrifying situation to be in for most people.


Viatrix has been traveling for as long as she's been able to walk. During her travels, she's taken backseat to many Mortal and Spiritual events. In this time, she's found a knack in collecting and creating new wares for her business. Little is known about the time she had growing up, as she prefers to tend to business before conversing with people.

Doll: Schwerkraftfuchs ("Gravity Fox")

Schwerkraftfuchs takes the form of an umbrella outside of release.

When released, Schwerkraftfuchs takes the form of a metallic gray fox. As most Bount dolls, it has supernatural strength and swiftness as compared to normal beings. However, its true purpose is the ability to finely manipulate the "personal gravity", or more appropriately the mass of any person or object it's touching. While the objects or people themselves are never directly hurt by the manipulation of weight, they are under the mercy of the surroundings. Increasing weight gradually slows people down, and may make them prone to crushing through terrain if they're too heavy. Decreasing weight gradually makes the person quicker of foot, however, strung gusts of wind hold the risk of blowing them away. The changes last for as long as Schwerkraftfuchs is touching the foe, and for around 30 seconds after the fact.

Viatrix has developed a unique style of fighting with her dolls' abilities. Given that Schwerkraftfuchs can manipulate her weight by staying on her back, the girl has focused her martial skill on hand-to-hand prowess. Instead of focusing on physical strength, she instead has Schwerkraftfuchs increase her weight at the moment of impact of one of her punches or kicks, to increase the damage it deals; and decrease her weight to increase the efficiency of her dodges.

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