Wada Nakahiro

Unaligned Spiritually Empowered Mortal

Family Name Nakahiro
Given Name Wada
Aliases None
Race Human
Gender Male
Age 16


At first glance, there is little unusual about Nakahiro. He's slightly taller than average, but a constant slouch and a thin build prevent him from being noticeable. Nakahiro usually walks with an ungainly gait, but when he's focused, he becomes much more graceful. He is typically dressed in his school uniform, but when dressing casually he usually wears a t-shirt and pants. These outfits are either all black or all white. Nakahiro's default expression is a blank stare. He has unremarkable features, with black eyes, small glasses, and shoulder length black hair, which he typically keeps in a ponytail. One unusual thing about him is that Nakahiro is always carrying his umbrella, a large, basic black one. Nakahiro despises standing, and will lean, sit, or lie on a handy surface whenever he isn't moving, when possible. Nakahiro's reiatsu is white, appearing only when he manifests Lancelot. It feels calming and orderly.


Nakahiro is very mellow, preferring, in most cases, to "go with the flow," as he puts it. He spends most of his time daydreaming or reading, preferring fantasy stories and mythology from around the world above all else. Despite his seeming lack of focus, he is also highly intelligent and a dedicated student, earning high marks in all of his classes, although no one has ever seen him do any actual work. Nakahiro is shy and has difficulty talking to new people, but those who get to know him find him to be a kindhearted and loyal friend. He never complains about anything. Nakahiro has a deadpan sense of humor, and isn't above the occasional snarky comment. Nakahiro absolutely loves games, particularly Go. He is also an active member of the school's Kendo club.


Nakahiro has lead a fairly average life. His parents are upper middle class and supportive of their son. His father is a doctor at a local hospital, and his mother runs an antiques shop. He has a younger brother and a younger sister. Nakahiro's entire family is spiritually aware, although ghosts are varying degrees of blurry for all of them except Nakahiro. Nakahiro has interacted with ghosts before, and knows of Shinigami, although he has only seen one once, at a distance. He does not know about Hollows.


Nakahiro possesses an ability he calls "Lancelot." Lancelot manifests in the form of an aura of reiatsu that surrounds Nakahiro. While manifested, Lancelot gives Nakahiro enhanced strength, speed, and durability, as well as making him a spiritual being, but these are all secondary effects. The aura extends over any object Nakahiro touches, which releases its true power. Any object affected by Lancelot is enhanced so that it can be used in battle. Basic clothing gains the durability and protective quality of light armor, shoes grant a burst of speed comparable to shunpo, and other, similar effects. Nakahiro does not know at a glance what an object will do when enhanced by Lancelot, but has an instinctive understanding of the effects of any object he touches. Lancelot is very potent when used in combination with Nakahiro's umbrella, which has three effects. When held in two hands while folded, one on the handle and one on the main body, Nakahiro can release a rapid fire stream of weak projectiles from the point. When held solely by the handle, the umbrella can be used as a sword. Lastly, when unfolded, the umbrella can be used as a shield.

Lancelot is powered by Nakahiro's instinctive desire to protect others. The more strongly he wants to protect someone else, the more powerful he gets. Extreme surges of protectiveness will enable him to unlock new abilities.

Nakahiro's abilities depend on the quality of his equipment. His physical strength, speed etc. will begin at an average level and grow higher with experience. Nakahiro's ability to sense reiatsu, however, will begin at a high level and eventually become extremely powerful. At the start of the game, he has an extremely high level of spiritual awareness.

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