Watanabe Kaito


Family Name Watanabe
Given Name Kaito
Aliases None
Race Human
Gender Male
Age 17


Kaito is short and skinny. Some might say he's in danger of being underweight, but he's actually rather healthy, albeit definitely not an athlete. His hair is kept short, but with no definable style beyond that.

While at school, he wears his uniform (obviously). Outside of school, he tends to dress a bit more professionally than many of his peers. He almost never wears shorts, instead wearing jeans or casual slacks, with some sort of polo or buttoned shirt.


Kaito loves knowledge. He's an extremely intelligent young man, and thus he tends to read and learn voraciously. However, he hasn't let that intelligence make him arrogant. Instead, he tries to help his friends and classmates out in their studies, being something of an amateur tutor. Often, he'll only work a couple of "sessions" with any one person, as he can often explain things so they can continue on their own.

However, this intelligence (and the "tutoring") have made it difficult for Kaito to make friends. Not because he has a negative personality; rather, he's very cautious about someone genuinely wanting to be his friend. In his younger days, he experienced his share of teasing; while that's essentially gone away in high school, he hasn't quite forgotten it. He often can't fully shake the suspicion that others want to get close to him merely to use his intelligence. Thus, while friendly with most all students, he's not necessarily friends with any of them.

Generally speaking, Kaito is polite, quiet, neat, and observant. He has some interests in modern entertainment, but derives as much or more entertainment from classic literature of all kinds (both local and international). His music tastes tend towards the classical. He has a habit of sometimes correcting the grammar of someone he feels has notably violated traditional grammar.


Kaito can currently see vague outlines for most spiritual entities. He excuses these as optical illusions of varying kinds, ignoring them as much as possible. He is extremely intelligent. He is knowledgeable in a multitude of fields, including computers (aka hacking). He has an incredible memory. He speaks Japanese, English, German, Russian, and Arabic. He is fluent in Japanese and English, and of moderate skill in the other three.

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