Yukimura Seiko

11th division Vice-Captain

Family Name Yukimura
Given Name Seiko
Aliases None
Race Shinigami
Gender Male
Age 238/24


Seiko has a long, lithe appearance from his decades of training, which gives him a sort of feline grace. His body is covered in scars from various battles which he wasn’t ready for, particularly with his captain, who he wants desperately to match one day. Beneath the scars however, you can see that he is actually incredibly good-looking, which he is not overly proud of.

He hates the ordinary Shinigami Shihakusho, instead choosing to wear a close-fitting uniform consisting of a dark red long-sleeved shirt, though the left sleeve was torn off in a particularly violent battle and Seiko has never seen fit to replace it, and a black pair of pants. He wears his Vice-Captain armband on his left arm.


Seiko loves the rush that he gets in the midst of a battle, and tends to get overexcited during it. Outside of battle, Seiko is very easy going, usually found near the fields by the 11th division barracks when he’s not training.

His manner is lax, and it’s actually very difficult to really make him angry, though it’s very easy to annoy or frustrate him. He has very little patience for fools, but he considers anger a wasteful emotion; when a warrior is angry, he loses his focus, and a warrior without focus is not truly a warrior. Most of his energy goes to training and teaching new recruits, leaving him appearing listless and bored on his own. He puts his all into training, constantly hoping to better himself as a warrior.


Seiko is the youngest son of a minor noble house, the Yukimura. Unfortunately for Seiko, the Yukimura were and are very focused on the arts, specifically music and dance, which Seiko didn’t really agree with. He found himself with more energy than he knew what to do with, meaning that he ended up throwing himself into practice with reckless abandon, more because he had no other outlets than real interest.

This continued until Seiko had reached his fifties, after he had been practicing Zanjutsu in secret until he was good enough to join the Shinigami, the suddenness of which disappointed his parents more than his choice to join them. This is not to say that they wanted him to join the Shinigami, because they certainly didn’t. He fought his family the entire way until he found the 11th division, which by that point had, under the command of Himura Michiko, had started dancing as a way of improving themselves. Using that as a reason, Seiko managed to convince his family not only to allow him to join the 11th division, but to bless his decision.

Seiko has proven himself to be a capable member of the 11th, both in combat and out. His skills with the blade and the dance floor have made him an invaluable member of the 11th, though his lax behavior tends to annoy the older members of the 11th and in particular the captain, but his skills are undeniable. He has also been known to occasionally play the flute to accompany the dancing of the rest of the division.


Master Swordsmanship Specialist: as a member of the 11th, Seiko prides himself on his swordsmanship, and rightfully so. His skill with a blade falls just short of captain-level, and his skill also extends to other bladed weapons, though his specialties lie with swords and chained weapons.
Tactician: Seiko has displayed extraordinary skill in coordinating troop movements and deployment. This also includes a charisma of his that makes him very good at dealing with people.
High Reiatsu: As a Vice-Captain, Seiko has an extraordinarily high level of reiatsu, though he only uses it for Shunpo, intimidation, and his Shikai.
Abysmal Kido: Seiko has literally no skill with Kido, being incapable of performing even the simplest of incantations.
Perceptive Combatant: Seiko takes great pride in his ability to analyze opponents in the midst of battle, discovering patterns and weaknesses that he can exploit


Zanjutsu: He is a true expert at Zanjutsu, having trained in it since he could hold a sword, whether secretly or openly. He constantly improves his abilities, believing that he should end each day more skilled than the last.
Hakuda: Though his true focus is Zanjutsu, he is also a master of Hakuda, believing that a warrior is not defined by his weapon, and also understanding the very real possibility of being disarmed one day. Should that happen, he’s ready.
Hoho: Seiko relies very much on his speed, and he believes that dodging an attack is much more beneficial than blocking it. This belief has caused him to hone his movement skills, particularly Shunpo, to astonishing levels, being able to outrun all but the fastest opponents.
Kido: Once again, his Kido is truly awful. It’s unclear whether this is as a result of some manner of deficiency on his part or merely a result of disdain for Kido, but Seiko is completely incapable of it. He has stated that he does not scorn those who do use Kido, it’s just that he finds swordsmanship a far more straightforward and direct means of battle. He just doesn’t like Kido, and that’s all there is to that.


Offense (90): Seiko is a master of offensive techniques, having devised several specialized techniques that utilize his master of Zanjutsu and Shunpo. He believes that the greatest defense is a perfect offense.
Defense (40): Seiko’s focus in battle in offense, and he relies on speed to dodge attacks as opposed to blocking them, though his mastery of swordsmanship has taught him something about blocking attacks.
Mobility (80): Seiko’s focus on dancing and speed has made him a master of movement, and quick, precise movements are a staple of his battle style.
Reiatsu Control (10): Seiko has almost no skill with this, and what little skill he does have is devoted to Shunpo and his Shikai.
Intelligence (70): Seiko has significantly above average intelligence, and is capable of reasoning his way out of many problems, though he prefers not to. He can be very creative if he lets himself, allowing him to create solutions where there shouldn’t have been any.
Strength (60): Seiko is very strong, despite the fact that his battle style focuses much more on quick movement and precise strikes. If Seiko wasn’t strong, he wouldn’t have lasted very long in the 11th division.

Zanpakuto: Maikenoumaru (King of Dancing Blades)

Sealed state

Maikenoumaru appears as an ordinary katana without a guard. On the handle are designs of multiple blades locked together.

Inner World

Seiko’s inner world looks like an old Middle Eastern market, completely ordinary except that it is completely devoid of people, and all of the stalls are covered in blood. Maikenoumaru wanders the area holding his blades in his hands, though the swords themselves are clean of any blood.

Zanpakutou Spirit

Maikenoumaru manifests as a young man clothed in expensive silks and covered in jewelry, looking like an ancient Arabian prince.

Shikai: "Tsuranuke, Maikenoumaru!"

When Seiko shouts the release command, the katana morphs into a six-foot long sword-staff wrapped in gold and silver trim. Each end of the staff is tipped in a serrated blade, like a naginata, though the staff can still be separated and each half used separately, giving him four blades to fight with. The staff does not separate with a catch or latch, instead Seiko flares his reiatsu to separate the two halves of the staff.
Special Ability: Seiko can detach the naginata blades from the staff, extending them from chains linking the blades to the staff, extending to a maximum of thirty feet from the staff. While detached, Seiko can channel his Reiatsu through the chains to the blades, increasing the cutting power of the blades tenfold and making their movements controllable to a small extent. Channeling his reiatsu also heats the blades, up to about 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

Bankai: Onishini no Maikenoumaru (Demon-slaying King of Dancing Blades)

In this form, the Shikai explodes in a flash of red light and reiatsu, and when the dust clears; Seiko is seen, clad differently than before. The Bankai changes his outfit from the usual into an outfit more like the Spirit’s: a close-fitting silk garb with twenty gold and silver bangles adorning his arms and legs, five on each limb that stay in the same position on his limbs, though they will shake with his movements. The one main difference between his outfit and the Spirit’s is that attached to each and every bracelet and bangle is a chain, on the end of which is a naginata blade like his Shikai. He can mentally control the length of the chains, anywhere from nonexistent to one hundred feet long, and he can also alter the path of the blades through the air mentally, though he cannot control them perfectly.
Special Ability: Besides altering the length of the chains, Seiko can channel his reiatsu through the chains, which turns the chains red, as if they had been lying in a fire for hours. This reiatsu turns the chains themselves as sharp as the blades, and the speed of the chains and the blades both increase. When channeling his reiatsu through them, Seiko can control the chains with more precision. Also, by shouting the command, “Entomb them,” Seiko can force the blades to wrap around a single enemy, trapping them in the chains and them impaling them with each independent blade.

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