Former Soul Society resident

Family Name Unknown
Given Name Zaluxa
Aliases None
Race Shinigami
Gender Female
Age 500 (Looks to be in early thirties)


Zaluxa is of average height and build. She has brown hair that falls to waist length, though she usually ties it in a ponytail so it only reaches just past her shoulders. Her eyes are of a dark gold color. She tends to wear loose fitting, long clothes. Usually cloth pants and long sleeved shirts. She also wears a golden hair ornament in the shape of a single flame. This is worn right where her hair is tied. Her expression is usually a smirk of some kind, as if she were planning bad things.


Zaluxa is a schemer. She takes pride in the fact that she has the means to seeing an end to Hollows. She is not one to give mercy often, and always prefers to kill her opponents, instead of capturing them. This goes for any opponent, be they Hollow, Shinigami, or Mortal. She isn't one to question the motives of others, as she really doesn't care. If she deems somebody as having done wrong, then, to her, the only option is termination. This didn't sit well with others when she was a part of the Soul Society.


Zaluxa is fairly skilled in a few kinds of martial arts, allowing her to fist fight when she needs to.

She is also skilled in Hado, though she only prefers the use of a few select spells. She tends to use the quick casts over the more powerful ones. All of her fire spells produce blue flames, though they perform just like the normal version would.

- 4. Byakurai
- 11. Tsuzuri Raiden
- 12. Soren Byakurai
- 31. Shakkaho
- 33. Sokatsui
- 34. Fiery Whip
- 54. Haien
- 63. Soren Sokatsui
- 64. Twin Fiery Whip

Zanpakuto: Hi no Ikari (Rage of Fire)

Sealed state

When sealed, her Zanpakuto is similar to a standard katana. The guard takes the shape of the flame ornament in her hair, and the wrapping on the hilt is a red leather.

Zanpakuto Spirit

Hi no Ikari himself takes the form of a large, dark red, Asian-style dragon.

Inner World

Her inner world is a very large, underground cavern. It is lit by many bright green crystals that are scattered everywhere. The cavern has no entrances, so one cannot leave it.

Shikai: "Destroy the enemy, Hi no Ikari!"

When released, her zanpakuto seems to become bright blue flames. One end moves out from her hand, while the other moves up her sleeve, only to reappear out of her other sleeve and stretch out. The flames then die out to reveal its Shikai form.

In its released state, Hi no Ikari takes the form of a pair of ten-foot long chains, each with ten small blades attached to them. Each blade can swivel freely on its attachment point. The chains measure ten feet from Zaluxa's hands, though they seem to also travel up her sleeves. The chains stay out until she reseals her zanpakuto.

When released, Hi no Ikari not only gives Zaluxa ranged melee capabilities, but it also increases the power of her Hado. The blades on the chains are able to penetrate into any surface, allowing Zaluxa to use them to grab onto anything. However, they cannot penetrate into a barrier made from any kind of energy. Zaluxa can mentally control the movement of each chain. When she fights, she swings her arms in addition to controlling their movement. This allows her to put more power into each strike.

Bankai: Not yet achieved

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