D&D Stats

Stats for various characters in D&D 3.5, sorted by author. Forum thread here


Rank D&D level
Non-combatant 1-3
Unseated 4-6
Lower seated 7-9
Higher seated 10-12
Captain 13-15
Captain-Commander 16+


Sasaki Ayase
Shifter Warlock 4
Feats: Death Blow, Improved Initative, Skill Focus (Use Magic Device)
Flaws: Gullible
Invocations: Eldritch Spear, Leaps and Bounds, See the Unseen
Equipment: +1 scythe, Wand of hold monster

Finishing move with the silly name: Use hold monster, then move adjacent to target and perform coup-de-grace with scythe. It's impractical to use otherwise, since she's not proficient with it.

For one of Kasanip's characters:

Afflicted were-baboon SoulfusedMoI Tiny animated object
Lv 1 (SF animated object) +1HD (baboon) +2LA (afflicted lycanthrope)
Special Attacks: Blind, Constrict
Feats: Deepspawn, Inhuman Reach, Mourning Mutate (unnaturally flexible)
Flaws: Bestial Instinct, Lightweight
Equipment: Ring of at-will prestidigitation

There aren't many ways to turn into a tiny object. Which just made me want to figure out how to do it more. :p The stats above require ignoring some of the requirements of the lycanthrope template (Humanoids/Giants only, animal form must be within one size category of normal form).

Erima's "human" form is her animal form. Her "monster" form is her hybrid form, which has the general appearance of her natural form but Medium in size and with bite and claw attacks. Prestidigitation is used to change her colour. At next level enter warshaper for the "turn arm into a scarf" thing.

Eldritch haunt would also work nicely.

And KD's:

Watanabe Kaito
Sun elf FactotumDung 2/Savage progression ghost 2
Lesser ghost power: telekinesis
Feats: Ability Focus (telekinesis), Ghostly GraspLM
Equipment: Adamantine chain shirt, Belt of giant's strength +2

For advancement take one more level of factotum, then enter Master of the Unseen HandCW.

But wait, there's more!

CE ? Ardent (Dominant Ideal) 10/Leaching Psyche 1/Body Leech 4
Feats: Body Fuel, Craft Cognizance Crystal, Inquisitor, One Pool, Overchannel, Practiced Manifester (ardent), Psionic Affinity, Psionic Talent
Flaws: ?, ?
Mantles: ?
Powers: concealing amorpha, inconstant location?
Equipment: Enveloping Pit (used to store stasis cocoons), Power Stone of psionic scent (use the "manifesting powers from another's powers known" option), Tentacle Whip symbiont

If the auras had positive effects I'd try to get a floating feat somehow and use it to pick up Draconic Aura feats.


Watanabe Kaito
Kineticist 4
Powers: Far Hand, Force Screen, Inertial Armor, Control Object, Control Flame, Control Light, Control Air, Control Wind, Psionic Levitate

At fifth level enter Telekinetic Thrust (Best power ever) and Telekinetic Force.

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