Differences From Canon

The setting of the RP does not match up exactly with canon Bleach, and some things needed to be clarified. Here are the major differences:


  • None of the canon characters exist in this game. All of the positions of power are filled by player-created characters.

Hollows/Hueco Mundo

  • Hueco Mundo is ruled by a Ghost-King, and has an uneasy truce with Soul Society.


  • There was no Quincy-Shinigami war before the events the story, making Quincy more numerous than in canon. There may still be future conflicts between the two - this will be up to the community.
  • Quincy arrows destroy souls as they do in canon.
  • Quincy can learn how to purify souls with their arrows. Learning how to do so would likely be a significant plot point.
  • Anyone that makes a Quincy should write up a description of their family/clan's history, even if it's comparatively brief.


  • There is nothing about Bount reiatsu which makes it any harder to detect.
  • The Bount race is not a product of Soul Society researchers. Their exact origin is unknown at this time.
  • Bount usually remain solitary - there are no records of them gathering in great numbers.
  • The offspring of a normal human and a Bount may be a normal human or a Bount. If they are a normal human then spiritual awakening will result in them becoming a Bount in the majority of cases.
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