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1) Already there is description "ignoring some of the requirements". Lycanthrope does not work like this.
The three forms of lycanthrope are : "Animal", "Human", and "Hybrid".
The description says this:
Animal = 'Human Form'
Human = 'Soulfused Tiny Animated Object' (scarf form?)
Hybrid = (Monster scarf form?)
Animal form: This is already wrong I think. Human is [Humanoid] not [Animal], and this description says Animal form is "baboon." So it is not correct. Erima is not a baboon.
Human Form: Maybe this is closest to correct. Except this is a scarf that can move and act freely on it's own. When Erima is a scarf, she is a scarf, so cannot move.
Hybrid form: It is a half-baboon and half-animated scarf. I think even Youmu would find such a thought disgusting. But being monster it is maybe ok.
If it is Afflicted, it cannot control shapechange easily. It is difficult to shapechange and maybe fail to make a shapechange??
Also there is no ability for Takara to control Erima with this. Takara can force a shapechange of Erima by holding her, and Erima can't change when this happens.
Curse of Lycanthropy: So if Erima ever uses attack on something, it can become youkai scarf?!? I don't think it makes sense. Maybe it means such a thing can become baboon. It still is not correct.
So the form is [Construct][Shapechanger]. That is correct I think.
I don't know how you added special attacks- does Baboon have Constrict and Blind?

I can't find soulfused description.

When to sketch picture for you I thought 'it would be nice to play a game like this' was my thought. But I don't know rules very well. It is nice to have japanese book for this game, but it is very confusing to play I think.

Also, it seems I cannot make a reply of a post of your posting.

Re: Statting up the cast by KasanipKasanip, 10 Feb 2011 10:06

[character levels] for [human] and [youkai-scarf] form I think

And that's the thing. You can't turn into something with class levels by any means (since they represent your unique experiences), and magic items can't gain class levels since they're only technically creatures.

An animated object, though, is a creature in every sense, and a Soulfused Construct is what happens when a Construct reacts with stray "soul energy" released by the emotions of people around them to become sentient and more like a living being (eg. they are not immune to critical hits). Lycanthrope doesn't fit as closely in by-the-book description, but it's the only shapeshifter that gets an intermediate "monster form" like Erima, and it doesn't gain any abilities she doesn't have. The rules encourage you to tweak the descriptions anyway. I just used the baboon stats to represent her human form so that her monster form would have greater physical strength.

If you want to play a magic sword in an actual D&D game though, you could ask the DM to try this alternate system of mine.

Re: Statting up the characters by Prime32Prime32, 09 Feb 2011 19:48

I don't know very much of D&D so it is ok I think of Kondo family.

Of Erima, it must be to create [character levels] for [human] and [youkai-scarf] form I think. It was said to see [Eldritch Haunt] but I can never find explanation of this power.

Someday it would be nice to try to place magic sword character in such a game I think. (^^;)

Re: Statting up the characters by KasanipKasanip, 09 Feb 2011 08:55

How's this?

Kondo Sayaka

Human cleric 6
Variants: Cloistered cleric, Spontaneous domain casting (Protection)
Domains: KnowledgeB, Luck, Protection
Feats: Scribe Scroll, Magic Artisan (scrolls), Skill Focus (Heal)
Spells: Magic circle against evil

Kondo Haruaki

Human cleric 9
Feats: Spellcasting Prodigy
Spells: Dismissal
(otherwise as Sayaka)

Absolute castigation of transgressors: Hallow (cast by Haruaki) carrying a dispel magic effect.

Re: Statting up the characters by Prime32Prime32, 08 Feb 2011 22:51

The main problem with statting Erima as a magic item is that magic items don't have character levels. It's tough to judge how powerful Erima is compared to a more conventional character. Though really, the designers didn't go out of their way to make playing a non-human character easy. -_-'

I think the polymorph any object restriction doesn't apply here, since intelligent items count as creatures. Alter self would work if you choose a Construct that looks like a human.

You can use prestidigitation rather than disguise self - it can't be used to disguise yourself, and it can change the colour of an item permanently. Plus it's cheaper.

Re: Statting up the cast by Prime32Prime32, 08 Feb 2011 22:27

+5 True-Neutral Intelligent Magic Scarf of Shapechange (Construct)
Str:Int: 14 (+2)
Dex:Wis: 12 (+1)
Con:Cha: 14 (+2)
Speech: Normal or Telepathy with wielder
Use Activated: Touch; Wear - Command Word (wielder's form command)

Intelligent Item Lesser Powers:
Item can use detect magic at will

Intelligent Item Greater Powers:
Item can detect undead at will
Item can use Shapechange at will (Limited to 2 other forms: Human (Humanoid), Youkai-Scarf (Aberration))

Purpose: Support and Protect Takara and family

Supernatural Abilities :
Cold Immunity (ex) - Erima is a scarf. Vulnerable to heat and fire, but very warm in winter.
Ego Score: 15
Equipment: Hat of Disguise (Headband) +10 disguise. (Also solve problem of Erima's clothing to match scarf pattern changes).

Some of my thoughts:

1) It cannot be polymorph or polymorph any object.
* Polymorph must target living creature. Polymorph can target touch creature. Carried item don't change (It is problem of naked Erima!). Also to be a limit of 1 minute/level.
*Polymorph any object cannot target magic item. Also to limit of maybe 20 minutes because of change type.

2) Can Takara use shapechange power? Maybe this is a possible use and problem of description. But Shapechange spell is 'self' spell, so it can be used by Erima on self. Maybe only time 'shapechange' power could be used by Takara is when wearing Erima. Maybe it is some idea of 'make Takara stronger, faster in combat' when to wear monster scarf Erima form. So it is maybe not always bad thing I think. But to make it 'Limited Shapechange' of forms, it can work.

Maybe instead of 'shapechange' power, it can become [Supernatural Ability: Alternate Form]. Maybe because magic item of the owner Takara, Takara can command Erima's supernatural ability using?

3) Because Purpose of Erima is to support Takara, and Takara as character has very high willpower, Erima's Ego score is probably very often beaten. But Erima is not 'opposing align' of Takara, so such a conflict often is more of humor than to be danger. Except as monster scarf maybe. Advantage of high Ego score means Erima refuses to shapechange any person of course if anyone try to wear.

Re: Statting up the cast by KasanipKasanip, 08 Feb 2011 08:31
Statting up the cast by Prime32Prime32, 10 Sep 2010 22:53
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How have you been trying to create new pages?

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I'm allowed to edit things, but I can't create new pages. Probably has something to do with the red blurb stating, "You are already a member" or something like that…

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This thread will have answers to some frequently asked questions.

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