Furousha Shop

Owner: Viatrix Klossner

Viatrix has several types of spiritual wares in her store, not just useful for Shinigami, but anyone who's spiritually aware.

  • Gigai: Viatrix has a wide selection of gigai types for her shinigami customers.
  • Soul Candy: As above.
  • Modsouls: As above, however their illegal nature makes Vi less likely to do up-front dealings with them.
  • Hollow Trackers: Vi always keeps these in stock, as they tend to be useful even to non-shinigami.
  • Reiatsu Concealment Cloaks: A valuable type of item, Viatrix occasionally brings these cloaks out for show.
  • Kido Scrolls: (Non-Canon) Obtained from shinigami contacts, these scrolls duplicate the effects of kido for those spiritually aware who can't use kido themselves.
  • Garganta Service: Mostly to keep the shinigami off of her back for consuming souls, Viatrix has at some point bargained for the secret of creating artificial Garganta. The reishi from the garganta realm gives Vi enough sustenance so she doesn't need to subside on Souls. However, she's willing to bargain for travel through the Garganta to most places, so it's a viable "ware".
  • Reishi Cola: (Non-Canon) These bottles of reishi (disguised as soda) give Viatrix's fellow bount sustenance without having to resort to finding souls to eat. For a price, anyhow…
  • More pending…
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