Guide For New Players

While there aren't hard-and-fast guidelines for character power, you can imagine them occupying several different tiers. These tiers are roughly named after Shinigami Ranks in Gotei 13.

  • There's "non-combatant" tier, which governs characters too weak to actually hold their own against spirits, such as Rukongai Citizens or ordinary Mortals.
    • Canon examples: Ichigo's sisters, Rukia while powerless.
    • Examples from this RP: Yuudai and his sisters.
  • There's "unseated" tier, which gets its name from rank-and-file Shinigami. These characters have some combat ability, but usually haven't unlocked any stages of their special powers. Examples include recently-born, single-souled Hollows and Shinigami fresh out of the academy with no Shikai yet.
    • Canon examples: Rukia when she first met Ichigo, rank-and-file Shinigami Ichigo mercilessly plowed through during Soul Society arc, Don Kanonji.
    • Examples from this game: Katagawa Shizuka, Go Ken
  • There's "lower seated" tier, getting its name from Shinigami officers from 20th to 6th seat. While they aren't required to, most have unlocked their first releases or have few other strong powers in their sleeve to use as trump cards.
    • Canon Examples: That Shinigami with an afro who takes care of Karakura town when Ichigo's away, Orihime.
    • Examples from this game: Sato Hachirou, Naruhi Ziha
  • There's "upper seated" tier, getting its name from Shinigami officers from 5th seat to Vice-Captains. They are expected to have Shikai or equivalent, and are generally very good at several other skills as well.
    • Examples from Canon: Renji before achieving Bankai, Rukia when fighting Aaroniero, Ishida Uryu.
    • Examples from this game: Vicente Ortiz, Zamiel, Armin
  • There's "Captain" tier, from Shinigami Captains. They are expected to have Bankai or equivalent, and are generally at least decent in all basic skills of their race. Examples include, obviously, Shinigami Captains and the Espadas. Just… look at the list of characters already.
  • Finally, there's "Commander-General" level, reserved for grand total of two characters: the Ghost King (Erscheinung Von Geister) and Commander-General of Gotei (Tsukada Ryouichi. These characters are, frankly, great at everything; they've been allowed because of their place in the story. This is not a level of power you should even consider. Note that these characters are still viewed to be below their canon equivalents (Aizen and Yamamoto).

For new players: How to make a character and get into the game


As fun as fancy new super powers are, I suggest you don't start creating a character from their powerset. Instead, think of how they look, how they act, and what part you want them to play in the game. Are they beautiful or ugly? Patient or reckless? Heroes or Villains? A great leader, or a minor support character? You can play a character without powers, but it's a tad hard to play powers without a character. You can take your sweet time with thinking a power set for a character, as long as you present it well before it's used in the game.

Take a look at the Registry. This serves few purposes: first, the first post has a list of characters already in play, also showing what special positions (Like Captains and Espada) are taken. Second, you get an example and can copy a format to write your character sheet in. Third, you'll get a picture of what sorts of powers are possessed by which level of people, so you don't accidentally make a duplicate power and have easier time making your own. Fourth, you'll get ideas of who your character can interact with! Yay!

Take a look at the Wiki, especially Differences from Canon; this will prevent you from making silly mistakes. You can also glean information of different factions in play, to decide where your character fits the best. There's also a "The Story So Far" section and a list of Episodes, which will help you catch up with events of the game even if you don't have time to read all posts in the game.

Have a hard time coming up with a fitting name for Japanese/Spanish/whatever character? Here, Behind the name and Wikipedia are your friends!

When writing a character sheet, remember: be thorough, but conscise. Don't leave out anything that you feel is important, but avoid filler words and overt descriptions. Appearance, Personality and Powers are something a fellow players should get a good picture of in 15 minutes or less; character sheets mostly serve as reminders for those players who can't keep track of the whole cast. For example, you can expand on your character's appearance within the game; you don't need to get super-detailed in his or her bio. You can be verbose and expansive if you want to, but in that case please make a shorter, summarized version and clearly mark which part aren't a "necessary read".


Unless you're making a captain, your character can't have Bankai from the scratch. You can plan for your character to gain Bankai and presenting such plans beforehand is appreciated, but training for and achieving Bankai is something to preferably do on-screen. This goes for all other final power ups as well, such as Bount bonding, Segunda Etapa, Quincy Final Form etc.

Faction leaders decide who get positions of power. For Gotei, Central 5 decide whether a character is fit for Captain; Draken decides whether a character is fit for Espada. And so on. Currently, most posts of high authority are filled. If you aim high and get rejected, don't despair! Chances are you just have to tone down your character - forget about Bankai and play him or her as a seated officer, or ask an Espda player to be their Fraccion.

We're aiming for a lower overall powerlevel than the source material. In practice, this means powers that are broken like Aizen's or equivalent to nuclear weapons like Yamamoto's or Ulquiorra's aren't allowed. No character is utterly invulnerable to weaker ones by virtue of being "higher rank"; theoretically, a large enough force of unseated Shinigami could take on the Ghost King. In practice, this means that Captains don't crush weaker people just by being present, and that Bankai is not required to contribute in a fight.

As a corollary, your character doesn't have to be super-powerful to be important to the story. Indeed, Captain-level folks have mostly ended up twirling their thumbs and playing poker; ordinary high-schoolers have seen more action than them. Starting of weak and then seeing if your character needs a power-up is a better strategy than starting up super high and having to wait for a long time before your characters can acceptably affect the story. You don't need to be Ichigo to get screen time, you can play Hanataro as well.


Before you start playing with a character, post his or her complete sheet in either OOC (see links at top) or the Registry. If you post your character straight to the registry, still notify people that a new character has appeared and supply a link to their bio. Be patient with comments! Sometimes, it takes a while before anyone notices the character. Sometimes, you might feel your character is put under ridiculously harsh scrutiny. Don't panic! We (usually) aren't trying to eat you. As long as you yourself stay civil and understanding, rest assured that we aren't trying to be hostile towards you.

Be willing to change your character - few people have gotten it right the first time. Some powersets have been completely revamped before a character has been accepted.

Note: we don't approve characters as much as we disapprove them. If you've asked for comments about a character three times and no-one cried foul, your character is fine. Start thinking of how to get him or her on-stage. If you haven't put your character in the registry yet, now would be the time to do it - add him or her into the wiki too if you just can! Don't worry - it's easy, and Wiki has instructions. You can also ask for help in the OOC.

You don't have to wait for your character to be added to Registry's first post before playing. Unlike the Wiki, the Registry is kept up-to-date by a whopping single person who isn't always present. If no-one objects to a character you're clear.

Having trouble getting your character involved? Here are two things you can do

  • Ask someone to help in the OOC. There's a good chance someone else is looking for another to play with too. OOC is always open for throwing around plot ideas.
  • Look at the Registry or Wiki and see what characters are active in the same faction as yours - then have your character stop by and say hello to someone in IC! Hope the other player takes the bait. Sometimes, spontaneous meetings lead to best of things.
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