Houheiden Shrine

Kannushi: Kondo Haruaki
Miko: Kondo Sayaka

Houheiden Shrine (泰幤殿 神社)

The Houheiden Shrine stands at the top of a decent sized hill in the less developed side of Fushichou Town. Though the Shrine does have a good view of the surrounding area, the hill itself is still heavily forested, providing seclusion but also perhaps limiting visibility from the shrine as well. There is one entrance to the shrine, a stone path of stairs that leads up to the Shrine Grounds.

The Shrine is, like all shrines, a gate to the spiritual world. It is a pure place that lies on such a boundary. Seireitei can use the Torii gate of this shrine as an entrance to the world, so long as it obeys 犯幅戒絶対酷評 (please see Sayaka's sheet).

The most important building stands directly to the front up another small flight of stairs: the Sanctuary building where the actual deity is enshrined (Honden), which lies behind the Hall of Offerings where people actually stand to offer their prayers (Heiden).
Off to the left, there stands another single story traditional building that serves as an administrative section, as well as the place where fortunes and charms can be purchased (shamusho).

There is the fountain where visitors clean their hands and mouth for ritual purification (temizuya) which stands next to the gateway (torii) that marks the end of the flight of stone steps. Flanking the entrance way at the end of the stairs are two lion-dog statues (koma-inu) that serve as traditional guardians to the Shrine. The steps extend down for about almost three hundred meters, and though the incline isn't terribly steep, it is still a good distance uphill coming up to it. The stairs are flanked by woods - it's a relatively serene walk. At the base of the stairs the stone pathway flattens out for about ten meters or so, and there is another gate that marks the entrance to the shrine's 'domain.' The trees stop, and there is a sidewalk and road that the pathway ends at rather abruptly… and then one is in the 'city'. The shrine lies on a sleepier edge of the city.

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