Hund Ulkan

Actual name:

(She would rather if you called her Hund)


7th seat Squad 3


Height: 5’2
Weight: ”Under 200”
Hair Color: Dark Red (Dyed to that shade)
Hund wears some old spare shimigami cloths and large tacky purple boots that one of her father’s old drinking buddies gave her claiming it was her father’s (Only the shirt actually was the boots were just some old boots he had laying around, he was quite drunk when he gave these to her.) Her right eye is bandaged over due to an ugly burn around the right side of her face that she hides under her hair and bandages (oh though she can see just fine out of right eye it tends to water up easily and she’s embarrassed over “how ugly it looks.”)


Hund is easily distracted with thoughts and theories buzzing around in her head which will often get her in trouble with her superiors but at heart is a hard dedicated worker. She is ferociously loyal to a fault and overall she's easy going and with familiar company and can be incredibly great to have around. Otherwise she's rather quiet.


Hund grew up at a restaurant working with her family. Her father (a soul reaper) died when she was young and her mother quickly remarried (affair.) She always adored her fathers line of work from the stories she was told and would always hope to one day be a great soul reaper like she viewed her father as. Friends of her father would often eat at the restaurant even after her death to pay their respects and get a discount on food.. Hund constantly bugged them and questioned them about their line of work and for stories even as she became older till one day one of her fathers old friends suggested she to follow in her footsteps. Her mother apposed of this idea and even her step father apposed it despite the rest of her family fully behind the idea. It took months but she finally convinced her and off she went.
Sadly what she didn't know and to this day no one has the heart to tell her is that her father made up most of her stories and was actually in squad 4 as an assistant.

Reiatsu: Red and blue light that changes to darker shades as the sword releases

Sealed form: A short sword and a small shield with random images engraved all over the shield. While in her sealed form, she can deflect some attacks with her shield
(except spirit energy.)

Shikai:Das Wolfen Schiene und Mauer (Hunt and feast,Das Tier Schiene und Mauer!)

As Hund goes into Shikai, her shield grows into a kite shield with a large run on it and her sword turns into a Rapier with a hand guard.
For brief moments she can drastically increase her reflexes but with this comes a physical strain if used multiple times within a short period of time.

Heulen Widerspiegeln
The shield (Mauer ) releases a quick burst of energy that allows it to reflect spiritual projectiles (to an extent) and then will rebuild its energy to be able to do so again based on the amount of energy of the attack For example if it by a weak bala, low level hado, or a weak Quincy arrow, etc, it will recharge after a few seconds (the stronger the attack the longer it takes the shield to full recharge , even stretching into a minute or more.)

Jagen Wolfen:
The sword (Schiene) marks with a strange scent what ever it hits and when activated again the wielder can see the scent.

This ability allows Hund to apply a proportional affect on an enemy that essentially "locks away" some of their power (be it kido, speed, super-strength, whatever) that isn't directly derived from their body, or the basic physical shape of their weapon. However, the same proportion (1%, 5%, etc.) that she locks away in her opponent, Hund himself has locked away. This ability has a hard limit to how much of an opponent's power it can lock away. I propose between 25% and 50%. As well, a particularly strong opponent might reduce, or even break, this lock. As well, it takes a couple of seconds to apply it, which leaves Hund vulnerable.

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