A number of new spells exist in this game, while some of the existing ones were moved to the new categories or given numbers where they did not exist. See Kido Corps for more information.

Bakudō (Way of Binding)

Hadō (Way of Destruction)

Qi (Healing Arts)

Wu Wei (Transport/Communication)

De (Other)

Details on Hanki and Shunko

Kido Mythology

A note: This is a Myth, a story told by the Kido Corps of the Origins of Soul Society, Kido and the Shinigami as a whole. How much of it is real is up for debate. Its meant to be for fun, and to add some fluff to the Kido Corp, and perhaps hopefully Soul Society as a whole. You are, however, encouraged to use it as inspiration for new Kido Chants.

The Epic of the Young Thunder Sage

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