Venti Buon Cafe

Owner: Donovan Bonaventura
Employees: Eirene Klossner, Rosa Blanca Wilson-Albarez
Not really an Employee: Ava Jager

The Venti Buon is a moderately famous café in Fushichou town, located close by the prestigious institution, Fushichou High School, in a street with a few other modest commerces, such as Furousha Shop. It is well located, the staff is friendly, the food and the drinks are good, and the owner and the main chief waitress are amusing types.

And it even caters to a spiritual clientele that most other customers never get to see. Shinigami, bount, mediums, even the odd arrancar and more unusual sorts. They are are provided with the very same spot in which they can relax, just like the mortals do, free for a brief while of the troubles of the spirit world.

The Venti Buon is a rather large two story building, on the ground floor is the main hall, the kitchen, the storage, the café proper, in short. Donovan himself lives on the second floor, entirely taken by a considerably confortable apartment. The main hall has a counter, several small tables arranged on the surroundings, a simple stage a afew couches, as well as an open area in the center. The flooring is wood parquet.

  • Drinks: The Venti Buon offers a great deal of beverages, including special coffees, capuccinos, teas, sodas, juices, beers and even a small selection of wines.
  • Food: Sandwiches, donuts, snacks, including, and it is best know for it, quite a few delicacies from foreign countries.
  • Spiritual Offers: For the spiritual clients, Donovan keeps reishi cola in stock, from Viatrix, as well as food imported from the spirit world.
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