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Welcome to the reborn BleachITP game! Originally started by a bit of messing about from posters in a 'What would you like your zanpaktou to be' thread, it has since expanded into a full-blown Freeform Roleplaying Game, set in a world based on the general mechanics of the Bleach animated television show (it includes a bit of filler stuff, so it can't very well claim to be based on the manga).

In order to accommodate new members more easily, and lower the power level from the rather ridiculous level that it was originally reaching, it has been rebooted. This wiki contains general information about the setting, pages devoted to specific characters that are being played, and whatever other miscellaneous frivolity strikes our imaginations

Since not everyone checks the wiki regularly, please discuss your character in the OOC threads before jumping in. Please realize that for balance purposes, some of your ideas may need to be nerfed. Other than that, we look forward to playing with you!

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